Spring Training Conference - North

Saturday May 4th, 2019

8:00am - 4:00 pm

University of California, Davis


The Staples of Leadership

Hello CNH Circle K!

Pack up your pencils, notebooks, and folder and get ready to learn about the Staples of Leadership by attending Spring Training Conference North 2019!

Spring Training Conference is an annual district event for the future leaders of CNH! At this special district event, you will have the opportunity to learn important leadership skills, meet other passionate Circle K members, and start your new term with your newly found knowledge of Circle K and how to lead your club! This event will consist of various workshops and panels, Divisional Council Meetings, and an exciting service project. Come out and meet new friends from all over the district!


Important information:

Early Registration

$5, club registration form, and waiver be received NO LATER THAN Friday, April 19th!

Late/On-Site Registration:

$7, club registration form, and waiver submitted on-site!

Upcoming Deadlines

Tuesday, March 26th

Workshop and panel applications due

Friday, April 19th

Early registration and $5 payment due

Saturday, May 4th

On site registration and $7 payment due


Cecilia Nguyen

STC North Chair

UC Berkeley

Tiffany Nguyen

Registration Chair

UC Berkeley

Shaira Ramirez Santos

Co-Workshops Chair

UC Berkeley

Joshua Ranario

Co-Workshops Chair

University of the Pacific

Alan Kwok

Graphics Chair

UC Berkeley

Evan Sum

Co-Service Chair

UC Berkeley

Darienne Viloria

Co-Service Chair

UC Davis

Jonash Poyaoan

Decorations Chair

UC Santa Cruz